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In this guide you will find Spanish Dictionaries, Fun Spanish Stuff, Spanish Grammar, Spanish Language Schools, Spanish Literature, Spanish Magazines, Spanish Online Classes, Spanish Online Forums, Spanish Online News, Spanish Pronunciation, Spanish Spelling and Writing, Spanish Teaching Resources and Spanish Vocabulary.
S P A N I S H    D I C T I O N A R I E S
A complete list of verbs, conjugations and definitions.
The WordReference Dictionaries are free online translation dictionaries. The most popular dictionaries are the Spanish Dictionary, French Dictionary and the Italian Dictionary.
Spanish Institution specialized in lexicography, grammar, spelling and linguistic data bases.
38 dictionaries: Spanish Language, Thesaurus, Spanish-English, English-Spanish, and French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Euskera, Gallego and Polish.
Includes multiple dictionaries like: English dictionary, medical dictionary, legal dictionary, financial dictionary, computer dictionary, thesaurus, dictionary of acronyms and abbreviations, slang dictionary, thesaurus, Columbia encyclopedia, Wikipedia encyclopedia, Hutchinson encyclopedia, examples from classic literature, pronunciations, word browser, glossary.
S P A N I S H    F O R    F U N
Spanish Joke of the Day, quite a collection.
Comic strips from Chile, with a translation into English.
A place to play Java games, not to learn Spanish.
Crucigramas (crosswords), El Ahorcado (hangman) and a Spanish movie quiz.
Spanish-language comic strips from past and present.
S P A N I S H    G R A M M A R
Brief lessons, mostly in Spanish, on accents, pronouns, and distinguishing between "por" and "para".
Here's a good explanation of the subjunctive mood, in Spanish.
A good explanation of the differences between the preterite and the imperfect.
A thorough list of the correct and incorrect uses of "que". In Spanish.
S P A N I S H    L A N G U A G E     S C H O O L S
Complete Spanish Immersion courses. Become fluent in Spanish in the shortest time possible.
Complete Spanish Immersion courses. Become fluent in Spanish in the shortest time possible.
S P A N I S H    L I T E R A T U R E
A magazine of literary studies from Complutense University of Madrid.
One of the largest collections on the Net of Spanish-language poetry.
Comprehensive research site devoted to the famous Spanish writer. Also in English.
Sonnets of the Golden Age with English translations.
S P A N I S H    M A G A Z I N E S
News about computers and cyberspace from Colombia.
Selection of articles from the general-interest Colombian magazine.
Online version of a general-interest Chilean magazine.
Despite its name, this is in Spanish. Travel articles, photos and useful information.
The free Spanish language magazine VeinteMundos focuses on the life and culture in the Spanish-speaking world, and helps you to learn Spanish and to improve and enrich your skills by providing vocabulary help, audio editions, and a wide array of other interactive tools.
S P A N I S H    O N L I N E     C L A S S E S
Start learning or improving your Spanish within 24 hours.
Learn Spanish guide, all about how to learn spanish and how to speak spanish.
Audio lessons are designed to supplement British Broadcasting Corp. radio classes but can be used alone. Video lessons available for download.
New lessons are being added regularly. The first three lessons use streaming audio to help with pronunciation.
S P A N I S H    O N L I N E     F O R U M S
This is the place to learn about Spanish, have your questions about Spanish answered or answer questions of things you know.
Several bulletin boards are available to nonmembers. Those who register (no charge) can access more.
Learn Spanish grammar and vocabulary.
S P A N I S H    O N L I N E     N E W S
24 hours News Sites  
Spanish news from mexico and around the world.
Thorough world coverage. Unfortunately, the news ticker provides only story summaries.
A lot like CNN's English-language site, although smaller and not updated as frequently.
News, sports, finances, user forums, streaming audio -- this Buenos Aires newspaper has it all.
A heavy dose of business and politics.
A heavy dose of business and politics.
News from Cochabamba.
News from Medellín.
Visually the most attractive online newspaper in Colombia. Based in Bogotá.
Costa Rica  
A typical online newspaper, with a little bit of everything.
El Salvador  
The typical variety of world and national news, sports, and features.
One of the more creative Latin American dailies online.
A wide selection of stories from Guatemala City.
A simple but attractive newspaper from San Pedro Sula with news from all over Central America.
A thorough Mexico City paper, complete with news ticker.
The emphasis is on business news at this Mexican site.
Probably the most colorful online newspaper in the region.
Puerto Rico  
As would be expected, this San Juan daily features an abundance of news from the United States.
A big selection of stories are be reached directly from the front page.
Daily world and national news from Madrid.
Another top newspaper from Madrid.
Based in Catalunya, this paper also is available in a Catalan version.
United States  
From Miami, this is the most thorough source of online news about Latin America. In Spanish.
S P A N I S H    P R O N U N C I A T I O N
This is the place wher you will see notes on each sound and you will be able to hear an example of the sound.
Pronunciation and vocabulary exercises using both traditional and contemporary songs.
These are tough! Includes translations to English.
S P A N I S H    S P E L L I N G    &    W R I T I N G
When and when not to capitalize in Spanish. In Spanish.
Journalism, creative writing & humanities.
An explanation, in Spanish, on how accent marks are used.
This is one aspect of Spanish that's more difficult for native speakers than for learners.
S P A N I S H    T E A C H I N G    &    R E S O U R C E S
This site is designed for educators and students. Here you will find numerous sites that can be helpful in learning Spanish and about Hispanic cultures.
American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. Workshops and resources for teachers.
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Information on membership benefits.
Interlibrary loan and some other services of Spain's National. Library is available to foreigners.
Enrichment and in-curriculum programs provided to elementary and schools at no charge.
Teachers share their suggestions.
News and resources for teachers of Spanish and LatinAmerican culture.
Into prepares graduate students and other for success in higher education.
S P A N I S H    V O C A B U L A R Y
Free vocabulary and verb drills with Audio and Images.
Common sayings and idiomatic phrases with explanations of how they became part of the language.
Vocabulary, phrases, and punctuation in dozens of languages.
A series of short drills prepared by a college student.
Drills in two dozen categories in English, French, German, and Spanish.
O T H E R    W E B S I T E S
The most complete online guide for information on Mexico.
Preguntas, respuestas y mucho más sobre diferentes lugares de México.
GoiHata provides professional English-Japanese-Spanish translators and interpreters for technical tasks.
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